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Expression of Interest Pasifikology Student Representative

Closing date: May 15th 2024

About Pasifikology

Pasifikology is a village of Pasifika psychologists, graduates, academics, and students. Our purpose is to promote, inform, educate and nurture the practice of psychology for Pasifika people. This includes growing the Pacific psychologist and academic workforce, sharing knowledge and information, and ensuring that psychology is relevant for Pacific people in New Zealand. 

Our vision is to be the heart that networks, supports, promotes and grows psychology for Pasifika, in every way, shape and form. 

What we are looking for 

Pasifikology is seeking two Pasifika students in New Zealand who are studying post-graduate psychology to join the Pasifikology executive team as student advisors. Ideally, we are seeking one student in the North Island and one in the South Island.

We are seeking students who are dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of Pasifika students studying psychology. They should understand the support these students need, and be able to offer insights on how Pasifikology can meet those needs. We are looking for student advisors who possess strong leadership qualities, have a vibrant student voice, and are actively engaged in networks of Pasifika psychology students. 

Why be a Student Advisor for Pasifikology? 

Joining the Pasifikology executive as a student advisor offers you the chance to make a meaningful impact on Pasifika students studying psychology. We also offer you a rare opportunity to work alongside Pasifika psychologists in various scopes such as Clinical, Educational, Health, Counselling and General Psychology. If psychology is a passion that you want to pursue and you are seeking practical work experience, you should apply!  

Pasifikology has an exciting lineup of plans this year, and we warmly welcome your participation in our journey to strengthen support for Pasifika students studying psychology. 

Expectations / Responsibilities 

The role as student advisors will be to advise Pasifikology on the support that students require through their various programmes, experiences or issues as a Psychology student. Pasifikology student advisors are expected to attend monthly hour-long meetings with the executive team. Student Advisors will be paid a sitting fee of $75 an hour for meetings.  

Pasifikology Student Advisor Expression of Interest Form

Please provide details of your current educational institution, field of study, and expected graduation date.
Share your vision or ideas for how Pasifikology can further support Pasifika psychology students.
Describe any key contributions you can bring to the Pasifikology executive team. This might include skills, experiences, or perspectives that you believe are particularly valuable.
Describe your involvement in spaces and connection with other Pasifika psychology students.
List any relevant volunteer or paid experiences that have prepared you for this role. Please include the organisation, your role, and a brief description of your responsibilities.


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