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Terms & conditions

Your membership details will only be used for the purposes of populating, maintaining and using the Pasifikology membership database.

The information we have collected about you is handled as described below:

Any membership information is treated by Pasifikology as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party, except under the following circumstances:

  • in anonymised form for statistical purposes
  • when it is required by law
  • to protect the rights of Pasifikology
  • when permission has been granted to do so (eg, bookings for external workshops).

Pasifikology may permit third-party contractors access to your personal information to carry out its administrative functions, including when we use them for sorting of emails, or processing of forms or publication orders. Pasifikology requires these contractors to handle your personal information in accordance with privacy protection guidelines. Any personal information we have will be stored, and if required destroyed, securely.

You may request access to, correction or removal of your information from the membership database by contacting the Pasifikology privacy officer.


Membership is not guaranteed and Pasifikology can decline membership applications without reason.

Pasifikology can remove members without notice or reason.


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